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Who We Are

The Zero Engineering AG in Zug, Switzerland was founded in the year 2005 (13 years ) and is a joint stock company,that appointed Mr.Detlef Mende as C.E.O and Mr.Siegfried Lietzmann as Director / Partner.

Our Mission

Zero-Engineering AG, bring the right people together , governments, investors and customers. We are proud to achieve a long lasting relationships with Governments from Germany, Switzerland and the Federal Republic of Russia, these relationship are going build on trust and confidential for these projects we handle in past and future.

We service our clients to perfection and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use the latest technology in construction and green energy to achieve better results to save energy and our environment.

Core Values

The Zero-Engineering AG/ was formed in 2005 (13 years ago) in ZUG Switzerland as a joint venture stock company, as C.E.O Detlef Mende was appointed. Mr. Siegfried Lietzmann is a partner for Germany connections and to the Federal Republic of Russia. Which are build up during his political career in the Landestag of Berlin Brandenburg.

The Team

The Team from Zero – Engineering AG, are experts in different kind of fields,
total together over 150 years of experience.

Detlef Mende


University of sciences Berlin, Diploma in computer science, University for applied sciences Würzburg
Previous engagements:

Manger of Swisscom IT services, Principal Consultant of Oracle (D) (EMEA), Quality Manager of Aircraft Technology Lübeck Germany, Project manager German Heard Center Berlin

Connection to Government of Switzerland, the Government of Germany, today’s leader and previous leader, Federal Republic of Russia direct to the decision’s maker in the Government.  Therefore, the is a management consulting company and connecting the industry, companies to the related projects and monitor these from the beginning to the end. The company is mainly department, Deputy. State chairman of the FDP in Brandenburg,

Den charge for Industrial development and consulting.

Siegfried Lietzmann


Dipl.-Ing. Technologist, Dipl.-Ing.-Pädagoge, Dipl.-State scientists.

Mayor and Chairman of a community association, Deputy. District Administrator and Finance puty and faction leader of the FDP parliamentary group in Brandenburg.

Managing Director of Lietzmann & Partner GbR (International Management Consulting)

Previous engagements:

Technology mediation poultry processing (Konspol) from Poland to the USA and to England, Technology Transfer from Germany to Benin (Africa), Development Database German-Polish-Russian Technology Transfer, Management of financing and currency transactions in Ukraine and Russia, Participation in the coordination of oil exports from Russia to Europe. Technology transfer of patents from Eastern Europe to Western Europe.

Professor Dr. Frank Adam

African Expert

Professor Dr. Frank Adam, 07.01.1954 Berlin Germany, is in charge for the energy projects in our Zero-Engineering Group.

Dipl.-Ing. (Civ. Eng.), PhD (sc.techn.), Habil. (sc.techn.) Longstanding multinational leadership competence Extensive project management experience Profound professional expertise. Civil Engineer Certified International Construction and Environmental Expert (Expert Supervision of Investment Projects)

Founder and Secretary General of African Expert federation.The African expert federation stands for independent professional work of specialists influencing the quality and competence of independent expert services for the benefit of African consumers, and also collaborates with interested users and consumer organizations.

Founder and Developer of the WPG Waste Power Generation, Vision Improving the environment and Energy sector for the African countries.
Ongoing Projects:
WPG Plant in Namibia 2019 to 2030 30 WPG plants.

Architect Klaus Kapalle

African Expert

Klaus Kapalle, 28.12.1948 Berlin Germany, is in charge for all infrastructure and construction developments. He has long lasting international Expertise in construction, management and profound professional expertise. USA, Caribbean, Sweden, North Africa, Germany since 1972.

2003 Founding Advertising and Marketing Company SMART AD MEDIA, developing the first Media Trucks with 10 revolving Posters back lighted in a truck, with Web Cam and GPS connection. 20 build and sold to Coolbillboards UK.

2005-2007 Director for Glova GmbH Germany , building for Mercedes, IVECO, NEOPLAN< SCANIA Couches the special designed Bus Toiletcabins, with vacuum Systems.

Active Member of the African Expert Federation representing Kenya and Representative of Radoslav Thermasteel corporation for East Africa

About Us

The Zero Engineering AG in Zug, Switzerland was founded in the year 2005 (13 years) and is a joint stock company that apointed Mr. Detlef Mende as C.E.O and Mr. Siegfried Lietzmann as Director/Partner.

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