Our Mission

Zero Zurich Engineering Ltd. connects the right people, governments, investors and customers. We are proud to have achieved long-lasting relationships with governments in Germany and the Federal Republic of Russia. These relationships are built on trust and confidentiality from projects we handled in past.

We service our clients to perfection and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use the latest technology in construction and green energy to achieve better results – saving energy and our environment.

Core Values

Zero Zurich Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, to realize projects using green energy and to fulfill the needs of affordable housing in Kenya, working with local companies and establishing partnerships for the future.

CEO and Architect, Klaus Kapalle, a member of the African Experts Federation, connects partners in Germany to businesses and investors to the Federal Republic of Russia, Turkey and Greece.

The Team

Combined, our partners and Zero Zurich Engineering Ltd., we have over 150 years of experience in all kinds of different fields of expertise.

Zero-Zurich-Engineering Ltd.


Harald Baum is the Director of GreenGaraGe GmbH Germany, a Civil Engineer and also the CEO of Baum Consulting Group ( founded in 2004). Harald oversees the Constancy Energy projects in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic, Kurdistan, India and Germany. Having been the General Director of the former major gas company, Schwarze Pumpe, he was also a recognized expert on Energy in the former GDR. Today we have 25 Terra Watt hours delivery contract in the German energy market with Verbundnet Gas AG (VNG), and Mainova AG Energyhouse Germany B2B GmbH. In Austria and Czech energy market we organize and sell 8 Terra Watt hours natural Gas via connecting port “Vienna Baumgarten” plus 20 Terra Watt to Gas market in Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

In our Group is Mr.Beckstein chief purchaser of Neckermann Energy and and Baywa Group, Mr. Dimkowsky is our Director of Business Development Specialist of Africanistic, Prof. Dr. Ruemmler Chief Investment Director of TOTAL Refinery Leuna Germany.

C.E.O. Dipl. Ing. Architect Klaus Kapalle

C.E.O Zero-Zurich-Engineering Ltd. and Member of African Expert Federation

Klaus Kapalle, 28.12.1948 Berlin Germany, is in charge for all infrastructure and construction developments. He has long lasting international Expertise in construction, management and profound professional expertise. USA, Caribbean, Sweden, North Africa, Germany since 1972.                                                                                              2003 Founding Advertising and Marketing Company SMART AD MEDIA, developing the first Media Trucks with 10 revolving Posters back lighted in a truck, with Web Cam and GPS connection. 20 build and sold to Coolbillboards UK.

2005-2007 Director for Glova GmbH Germany , building for Mercedes, IVECO, NEOPLAN; SCANIA Couches the special designed Bus Toiletcabins, with vacuum Systems.

Active Member of the African Expert Federation representing Kenya and Representative of Radoslav Thermasteel corporation for East Africa

Angellah Samal

Secretary of the Board
financial controller

2014 KK Security Officer in charge for the security at the  Tullow Oil Ekales, Twiga2, Ngmia,Amosing Camp Turkana. Trained in Criminology, Defences, Surveilance Detection, Search & Arrest Procedures, Criminal Preventions, first Aid St. John Abulance, Fire Fighting, Communication Skills, Terrorism Reconition.

Exament Medical Training in Lodwar in Comunity Health and Development specialiced in HTC and HIV certified by NASCOP as HIV HTC Testing & Counselling Provider

Focus is in quality and financial control and human resources to select the best team to fulfill our projects




Representative of Zero-Zurich-Engineering Ltd.Germany

1985 – Hotel Management, Berlin, Germany, graduating in hotel management.
All business consultants  and contact initiations in Germany and Moscow, Shanghai, Hanoi, Saigon, Florida.

Professor Dr. Frank Adam

African Expert for WPG

Professor Dr. Frank Adam, 07.01.1954 Berlin Germany, is in charge for the energy projects in our Zero-Engineering Group.

Dipl.-Ing. (Civ. Eng.), PhD (sc.techn.), Habil. (sc.techn.) Longstanding multinational leadership competence Extensive project management experience Profound professional expertise. Civil Engineer Certified International Construction and Environmental Expert (Expert Supervision of Investment Projects)

Founder and Secretary General of African Expert federation.The African expert federation stands for independent professional work of specialists influencing the quality and competence of independent expert services for the benefit of African consumers, and also collaborates with interested users and consumer organizations.

Founder and Developer of the WPG Waste Power Generation, Vision Improving the environment and Energy sector for the African countries.
Ongoing Projects:
WPG Plant in Namibia 2019 to 2030 30 WPG plants.