Projects abroad:
  • Technology mediation
  • Technology Transfer from Germany to Togo + Guinee (West-Africa).
  • Development Database Russian Technology Transfer in WPG & SIP Constructions
  • Management of financing and currency transactions .Developments
  • Participation in the coordination of oil exports from Russia to Europe.
  • Technology transfer of patents from Eastern Europe to Western Europe.
  • Project Developments
Projects done

Projects in Germany, settlement of industrial companies in Germany:

  • Recycling technology Waste to Power Reactors cero polutions
  • Oil – Gaspipeline Projects in Germany for German, Austrian, Russian Companies
  • Solar Park developments
  • Bio Gas technolgy
  • Software and Hardware developments for clients created to fit there demand
About Us

Zero Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, to realize Affordable Housing and Green Energy Projects.

CEO: Dipl. Ing. Klaus Kapalle

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