Projects abroad:
  • Technology mediation poultry processing (Konspol) from Poland to the USA and to
  • Technology Transfer from Germany to Benin (Africa).
  • Development Database German-Polish-Russian Technology Transfer.
  • Management of financing and currency transactions in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Participation in the coordination of oil exports from Russia to Europe.
  • Technology transfer of patents from Eastern Europe to Western Europe.
Projects done

Projects in Germany, settlement of industrial companies in Germany:

  • Recycling technology (Carbolysis) from France.
  • Used oil treatment (Velten oil) from England.
  • Food production from Indonesia.
  • Software and Hardware Producers from England.
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The Zero Engineering AG in Zug, Switzerland was founded in the year 2005 (13 years) and is a joint stock company that apointed Mr. Detlef Mende as C.E.O and Mr. Siegfried Lietzmann as Director/Partner.

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